Copenhagen Bike Pavilion

  • rendering
  • plan and section
  • site plan
  • exploded axonometric
  • site analysis diagrams
  • movement diagram
  • section diagrams
  • rendering
  • final board
Project Brief: Design a shelter for Copenhagen's Green Bike Messengers in Kultorvet Plaza.
Program: Restrooms; space to rest, repair bicycles, and seek shelter from the elements.
Concept: An art object formed from eddies of movement: of bike messengers and urban denizens; of wind, sun, and water.

A shelter shaped by the movement of air, water, and people.

Shelter [from the elements]: The sloped canopy provides shelter from rain and winter wind. Glass allows winter sun into pavilion, and deciduous trees shade it in the summer.

Movement [the transient messenger / the public denizen]: The form materializes movement. The plan accentuates an existing "motion gradient:" speed to the north (the route of the bike messengers); rest to the south (public seating beneath the trees). Program is distributed according to this gradient: quick stops to the north, repairs and longer layovers to the south.

Urban fabric [connections / multiple users]: The pavilion gives back to the plaza, providing seating and shelter along its edges. Its openness allows visual connection into and through. It grows from the site: stone becomes steel becomes glass. It is an art object, a visual landmark in the urban fabric, and a beacon, lighted and radiant at night.

Reducible complexity [standardization / kit-of-parts]: Identical metal beams and consistent angles lend an underlying order to the organic form, increasing efficiency and allowing standardization of the glass canopy.

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