Jun 2013  

national zoo dining pavilion

Proposal for a LEED Gold targeted dining pavilion at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, DC. A collaboration between Sterner Design and Richard Butz Design Studio. view project >>
Dec 2011  

architecture software survey published

This report details the results of a survey that investigates the use of green building analysis tools and other software among U.S. architects.
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July 2011  

Restoring Nature's Metropolis featured in Trim Tab magazine

This award-winning competition entry is featured on the cover of Trim Tab magazine (Summer 2011 issue).
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May 2011  

Restoring Nature's Metropolis wins Living City award

This dramatic re-envisioning of Chicago as a sustainable city, completed with Röllerhaus Pictureworks & Design Co., earned the "Images that Provoke" award in the Living City Design Competition.
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Jan 2011  

designing resilience published

Designing Resilience: Sustainable Design from a Complex Systems Perspective appears as a chapter in the peer-reviewed volume New Directions in Sustainable Design, edited by Michael Zaretsky and Adrian Parr (Routledge). view project >>
Dec 2010  

advanced cybernetics excerpt

An excerpt from this new composition for "augmented string quintet" — string quintet plus percussion — is now available on the compositions page.
Oct 2010  

toward the green city presented at ACSA conference

The paper Toward the Green City: Biodigesters as a Catalyst for a New Urban Form, co-authored with Lyle Solla-Yates, was presented at the ACSA Northeast Fall Conference. view project >>
Aug 2009  

the sewer is [a] mine.

This entry to the WPA 2.0 competition, completed with an inter-disciplinary team, proposed a waste treatment system that would transform waste into value and create positive feedback for a sustainable urban metabolism. Four whitepapers elaborate on the theoretical and technical underpinnings of the concept.
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Mar 2009  

solar decathlon analysis published

Routledge has published Precedents in Zero-Energy Design: A Graphic Analysis of the 2007 Solar Decathlon Houses, by Michael Zaretsky. This analysis was the end product of a graduate seminar of which I was a part. view project >>

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