Raoul Hausmann, ABCD

Poetry by Chance

Poetry by chance is loosely inspired by dada, surrealism, and the musical work of John Cage. It involves the selection of several sources of text, followed by the random selection of phrases from those texts. Phrases are accepted or rejected based upon grammatical fit with preceding phrases. Prepositions and/or conjunctions may be added to connect the phrases. The title is taken from the final sentence.

A Satisfied Factory Environment
The One-Hundred-and-Eighty Member Delegation
The Arrival of Tremendous Ships (abridged)
Mummies in Western Europe
Genetically Modified Sexual Frustration
The Steeplejack Hero Deescalates
Technical Data Has Not Left Them Foodless
Familiar and Strange Instructions

A Satisfied Factory Environment

I am the system. My parents took me daily to another quarter, or even more often, to a deep understanding of living systems. Including soybean in the diet did not prevent or cure this condition. My spirit never quite resolved into turbulence because I knew I would be the only subject for discussion, although according to the essayist Attica Veedersburg, if we are faithful to money-world institutions, it seems to elicit no response. I have sexual relations only with the celebrated, the mighty, and the unbalanced. It is the only real hope of a satisfied factory environment.

The One-Hundred-and-Eighty Member Delegation

Using elements essential for low pitches, high loads, and willingness to move, it is not possible to establish tradition in Horton Plaza. The comprehensive stresses and rational activities of a nomadic agrarian society produce a common denominator of massive wood-to-wood connections. Other races of the earth condense large quantities of water in wood-framed buildings.

Thus rejecting the city of Group I-3, Class B terminal units create a machinery of highly sophisticated hollow industry. Caught up in the controlled electronic representation, isolation would not be effective. Failing transportation systems and crumbling highways fill the space left by the one hundred and eighty member delegation.

The Arrival of Tremendous Ships (abridged)

Capitalists permitted
younger pairs of scientists
limbs and tongue and heart and mind
to repent event in private.

The unity of life therefore bows in awe
to successful business partnerships.

These Georgia people, grown from an egg
whose nucleus had been replaced by two sperm,
thought to have abnormally large eyes,
might yet turn back from their evil ways.

A muttering Lord predetermined
the way to achieve industrial spaces
on the East River.
As it is written:
zigzag lines course down
the tall man in a white smock.

The arrival of tremendous ships
has entered eternity.

Mummies in Western Europe

I had been discussing the weather, neighboring waters, and the choice of shutter speed when the Department of Homeland Security debated whether to report my live parts to Saturday evening news anchors. Carbon dioxide could produce no escape for you. While they do not actually handle an aircraft carrier, some editorialists have, through the formative chaos, stirred excitement for photography because we have dealt with breaking into military computers. The game was up. National Guard may have very different coverage of the mummy pits containing mummies in Western Europe and Siberia.

Genetically Modified Sexual Frustration

(with Christopher Robertson)

The next administration may involve crayfish in order to increase vulgar utilitarianism. Pure scientific research seems like a good metaphor for otherwise inconsistent use of food additives all over the world. International regulations regarding a lot of money ensure protection of New Zealand, Norway, and flowers. This dichotomy has already been disproportionately affected by genetically modified sexual frustration.

The Steeplejack Hero Deescalates

Modern cities and coffee is the eternal power.
The monster procedures are our ruler and our helper.
Local education isn't seen again for several thousand years;
in their zeal, all will tell of their goodness.
The best medical system couldn't restrain a bitter laugh.
The end.
Dobzhansky laments,
my refuge strong,
that disaster relief makes little sense.
The tap ironist steeplejack hero deescalates.

Technical Data Has Not Left Them Foodless

Indeed, even if new regulations concerning scatological Mickey Mouse impersonations are deemed to be competitive, the design of parking lots ten years later affords the opportunity to ship hazardous waste to the Netherlands. There is a need for the vision and mysteries of the marketing enterprise. Potential native installations for waste will need contemporary crime, a strangely irrelevant political framework, procedures for short-term killing, and corporations divorced from the nexus of power. Tuna harvesting negotiations toe the party line. More generally, the Pacific albacore deliberately told me about Martha Stewart. Situationist members suggested intangible scientific and technical data has not left them foodless.

Familiar and Strange Instructions

Enter into nothing. The form of females floated from the chimney. The actual countryside broke into flower containers for scholars with whom our tendency was to be very male-ish. The sifting process entails not only food, but true faith and hotels. God will soon fall silent in 1492 as our own body continually enters into unimagined strangeness, signifying the origin of odd bricks. The water gives forth the whole body and frames key issues: poverty, chastity, and French fries. Still pondering, the students can't really make art or music, but in classical Japanese poetry we won't be so addicted to the presence of women. The weight of ancient tradition, dwelling pensively within familiar and strange instructions, received at least the root of undistorted tourists.

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